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Written on Friday, 18 June 2010 06:48 by Supercharged Taoist in Audio  >  Relaxation

happy-smile-happiness-meditationHappy by RoarySea on Deviantart Based on the Taoist notion that reality as you experience it is entirely and exclusively subjective and that you create your very own version of it, (which you usually mistake for objective reality), according to whichever set of beliefs you cling fast to, that then comprise the model of reality through which you filter and thus colour all your experience, and that by changing the belief-set, you actually cause a transformation both in the way you feel in respect of reality and in the way reality behaves towards you, through the use of psychosonic beats and positive suggestion, this succinct audio trigger helps you change the belief you’re racing against time and that life gets worse and worse, to the belief you have all the time in the world and that life gets better and better.

The initial effect is an instant uplift of happiness factor and deep relaxation, with a subsequent easing of tensions and opening of the way in the external realm, at least that’s what it did for your producer and his small, trusted band of tune-testers.

Recommended: listen through bass-friendly headphones or monitors and do not exceed more than nine consecutive listens in any 24 hour period.

Warning: the techniques used have a mesmeric effect. Avoid using while driving, cycling or operating heavy machinery.

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With love, Supercharged

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